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Varifocals which cut the swim factor

Varilux E series reduce distortion to make adapting to your new glasses easy so you can enjoy wearing them immediately.


E Series

E for easy vision

Varifocals can take some getting used to. Wearers often get a ‘swim’ sensation when their eyes need to quickly change focus.

Varilux E Series lenses cut this effect by up to 50%, making it much easier to adapt to varifocals. They offer total comfort whatever the task, and precise clarity at any distance.

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E Series

The secret behind Varilux E series is Swim Control TM, an exclusive technology that reduces the swim effect in order
to make adaptation easy.

You will instantly feel comfortable with E Series, as you can wear them for your daily routine and activities: driving, rushing to go to work, going downstairs, playing with your kids, reading, etc.

Prevention with Eye Protect System

Natural light is essential to our well-being, however we should be aware that some light are harmful to our eyes. With increasing life expectancy and evolving lifestyles, our eyes are more exposed to harmful UV and blue-violet light, throughout our lives. Over time, harmful light can be a contributing factor of eye diseases.*

We have made it our mission to protect everyone's eye from harmful light and this has been accomplished with our latest innovation, Eye Protect System™. It provides protection against both harmful UV rays and blue-violet light. Unlike other lenses, this innovation is delivered through aesthetically clear lenses. 

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