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Good vision is the right of all

One-third of the global population is prevented from accessing vision care because of where they live

Did you know that poor vision is the world’s most common disability in the world, yet its impact on society is largely unrecognised. Seeing well improves everything – from being able to read and doing well in school to employability and personal well-being.

CB_AAV_News_See_Change-Article_Image_1.jpg Yet, one-third of the global population is prevented from accessing vision care because of where they live, what they believe or what they can afford. Many do not even realise they are disadvantaged. They are affected by: geographic isolation, ideological isolation and economic isolation.

Essilor See Change Along with their partners focus on 3 main areas of action that are helping improve access to healthy vision for all.

Lack of awareness is the main barrier to correcting the 2.5 billion uncorrected people. Most of them simply don’t know they suffer from visual impairment because they have lived with it all their lives. Our awareness and advocacy efforts are fundamental to ensure that vision care has the attention it deserves and that people understand the quality of life benefits of healthy vision.

We empower individuals to become change makers in their own communities through job and infrastructure creation. We also recognise that empowering women is crucial. We therefore create opportunities for their greater involvement during our initiatives.

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We want to ensure that vision care is provided to the largest number of people possible in market geographies and market segments that up until now have been neglected.

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